The Runcorn Town Team are making funding available for local groups to improve the social and economic well-being of old Runcorn town centre through small-scale actions for immediate impact.

Ideas are welcome through either project funding bids directly from individual organisations or for suggestions for commissioning actions by the Runcorn Town Team.

The objectives of the funding are to raise the economic vitality of old Runcorn town centre through activities that:

  • Support the marketing of the town centre retail offer
  • Improve the attractiveness of the physical image of the high street
  • Increase the footfall in the town centre for the benefit of local retailers, businesses and service providers

Funding Bid Process

  • The funding pot comprises around £24,000.
  • Funding bids are invited on an open and rolling basis for projects requiring capital and revenue funds up to the maximum available in the funding pot
  • Funding will be awarded to successful bids that meet with the objectives as outlined above.
  • All projects submitted will be considered by the Runcorn Town Team.

Applications are welcome from either individual organisations or a group of organisations under a lead applicant organisation.


Project Funding Bids

  • Size of project funding awarded will be at the discretion of the Town Team up to the maximum available in the funding pot.
  • A decision to approve funding for a project will be based on the project’s feasibility, cost and the applicant organisation’s capacity to undertake it.
  • Project costs will be assessed in accordance with the Halton Borough Council’s procurement and financial processes.
  • Grants awarded will be monitored, and a monitoring timetable agreed as part of the grant contract letter. There will also be a requirement for progress reports and a presentation to the Town Team as evidence that the planned activities as set out in the application form have taken place and the intended outcomes have been achieved.

Project Applicant / Lead Applicant Organisation

  • Must be an existing legal entity (e.g. a constituted group, registered charity, registered company etc. that has been established for 12 months or more)
  • Have effective financial management arrangements
  • Have a commitment to act in a fair and open manner without distinction as to race, religion, age, gender sexual orientation or disability and in compliance with relevant legislation.

Project Costs –not eligible

  • Project costs incurred before project approval date
  • Building funds or building repairs
  • General rent, rates or leasing of buildings
  • Purchase or repair of vehicles.
  • Routine overheads or running expenses for established groups.


Applications can be made at any time and will generally be considered by the Runcorn Town Team within a 12 week timeframe.


To submit your application or to discuss your project ideas prior to applying please
email [email protected]  or call Sara Munikwa on 0151 511 8496, email: [email protected]