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The notice of Ballot will be issued by ERS on Thursday 26th May, with the ballot papers being issued on the 9th June.
Groundwork will be in touch during the coming weeks and companies will receive a copy by email.,

Between the 9th June and 7th July businesses in Runcorn Town Centre, Runcorn Shopping Centre, Trident Retail Park and its surrounding areas with a rateable value above £10,000 will have the opportunity to vote to approve a Business Improvement District (BID) for Runcorn’s key retail locations.

If approved, the Runcorn BID will enable a £500,000 investment in improving Runcorn’s key retail locations, controlled and led by the private sector with the aim of delivering the following benefits to your business:

  • Increased sales – Higher footfall and customer numbers to drive increased sales and revenue for your business through better promotion, marketing and profiling of Runcorn.
  • Lower costs – Joint procurement savings, savings on training costs, lower levels of shop lifting will support your business to reduce its operational costs.
  • Lower crime and levels of anti-social behaviour – The BID will support projects and services to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour, enabling your management and employees focus to remain on your customers and growing your business.
    Higher skilled and more effective and productive staff – The BID will deliver a portfolio of training courses and seminars to enhance your employees retail knowledge and skills, bringing industry leading trainers to inspire, motivate and enthuse your staff.
  • A Single Point of Contact – The BID will provide a single point of contact for your business to raise issues and opportunities. Whether this be tackling antisocial behaviour issues, getting the most out of an event or festival or asking for a recommended supplier for a particular product or service the BID will provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for Runcorn Retailers.

The BID will deliver a portfolio of projects and services between 2016 and 2021. These are detailed in more depth in the proposal document for the Runcorn Retail BID.

You can also request further information about the project from Mark Henshaw and Jane Hough at Groundwork who have supported Runcorn’s Retailers to develop the BID.

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