Runcorn Retailers and Businesses have a one-off opportunity to move forward together to deliver a five year, private sector led investment programme known as a Business Improvement District (BID).The programme of investment will improve the trading and commercial opportunities for all retailers and businesses, with the objectives of:

  1. Increasing footfall and sales for all businesses,
  2. Delivering a safer and more secure trading environment,
  3. Lowering business costs through securing commercial procurement opportunities that deliver lower utility and supplier costs,
  4. Enhancing the image and profile of Runcorn as a retail and business location.

The project is being developed principally using funding that has been secured from the Government’s BID Fund, and Runcorn has been selected as one of only six locations to receive this support. It is essential that all retailer and business views are heard, so if you are a retailer or business located in Runcorn Town Centre, Runcorn Shopping Centre or Trident Retail Park click on the link below to take part.

The consultation is managed by independent and not for profit BID experts Groundwork who need to identify the future opportunities and challenges that businesses in Runcorn are facing. Views, ideas and issues reported in this consultation will be used by a steering group of local businesses to develop a Business Plan for Runcorn Town Centre, Runcorn Shopping Centre and Trident Retail Park.

All businesses are welcome to put themselves forward for the steering group (e-mail to register your interest). A cross section of small and large businesses from across all these trading environments is essential if the BID is to work for your business and meet the needs of all.

To complete the consultation click on this link

All responses will be treated as confidential and will not be attributed to any respondents without permission.

Completing the Consultation – Deadline for all returns – Monday 16th March 2015.

If you do not want to complete online, contact Groundwork on 01606 723175 and electronic (PDF) or hard copies of the consultation form can be made available.

More about BIDs? Other BIDs have demonstrated significant return on investment benefits and improvements in retail environments across the UK. These benefits have included:

  • Increased Sales and Footfall…In Northwich where a BID was approved in 2014, retailers large and small saw pre Christmas sales on specific BID event days increase between 20% and 80%,
  • Areas that are attractive, clean and green….Retail BIDs are delivering added value investment into street scene on top of what a Local Authority provides to ensure they can compete, attract and retain customers,
  • Initiatives to reduce levels of crime and improve security….BIDs have the option to invest in added value crime and security projects to reduce crime and ensure visitors and shoppers feel safe and secure coming to Runcorn,
  • Co-ordinated business support programmes to assist businesses to thrive …Numerous BIDs provide businesses with a one-stop shop for raising issues and being notified of opportunities for their business.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this consultation please contact Jane Hough on 01606 723175.